toronto boudoir vancouver photography angel wings beautiful victoria's secret pinup

Victoria’s Secret Inspired Angel Wings Photoshoot in Toronto – Why I Offer These Sessions

It’s quite simple:

In and of itself, these Victoria’s Secret inspired angel wings are an example of beautiful and expensive craftsmanship. On their own, they are just majestic ostrich feather luxury prop items that spark curiosity and wonder.

toronto boudoir vancouver photography angel wings beautiful victoria's secret pinup

However, when a woman wears these and has her photos taken in these, one or both of the following might happen:

Feeling your own powerful existence

We had a very special session in the studio recently where a lovely woman came to us to cure her heartbreak. She called to book the session because she was feeling hurt and betrayed. Once we treated her with extra TLC, gave her an experience she would never forget, and presented her with her beautiful photos, she broke down in tears feeling recharged and healed.

She saw herself stand tall, powerful, and was able to appreciate her true reflection which was temporarily obscured by the feeling of hurt and sadness.

toronto boudoir vancouver photography angel wings beautiful victoria's secret pinup

She’s looks like a phoenix rising from the ashes!

She brought the full force of her personality to this angel wings boudoir photoshoot and that made these feathers come to life.

Realizing you are as beautiful as you always wanted to be

A mom of toddler twins and a 6 month old was in the studio this week for the angel wings boudoir photoshoot I offer in Toronto. She told me she had never, ever liked full-body shots of herself. But when she saw her photos after the session, 80% of the images she ordered were full body shots! If a pair of these wings is what it takes to make you see your own beauty, then all my investment is worth seeing the smile on your face. Remember, it’s not because of the wings that you are beautiful. It’s because of you the wings come together in the picture.

Toronto boudoir Vancouver photography angel wings beautiful Victoria's secret pinup

So, really, this is not so much about the fact that Dream Boudoir Photography owns a pair of one-of-a-kind wings. It’s about you being a Dream Boudoir Photography DREAMGIRL who makes these inanimate come ALIVE.

The pride of my photography and my studio is not these wings. The pride of my photography is being honored with the trust women like you put in me to capture you — and I cannot wait for you to grace these wings with the gift of being photographed on you.

See you in the studio xo


Women Who Travel Make the Best Girlfriends

Traveling is not about collecting stamps in a passport or doing it only for the Instagram fashion fad. At its core, traveling the world is all about gaining insight, unique perspectives, and discovering who you really are. Women who have traveled know this to be true in their hearts, and that’s just one of the many reasons why they make the best partners, spouses, and girlfriends.

Here are some of the reasons why no one can resist dating a well-traveled woman:

She’s always thankful for everything she has:

Travelling makes your humble. When you see that there are people living in extremely difficult conditions, it makes you truly appreciate what you have. From running water to three meals a day, a women who travel are the women who are grateful for all the little things in life.

She will turn everything into an adventure:

Tourist attractions and cliché routes, she’s done it all. But real wanderers know that the most beautiful experiences aren’t the jam-packed tourist traps, but things like the random conversations you strike up with the locals at a market or picking up foreign foods from the hole-in-the-wall mom & pop shops. Those are the lessons that teach a woman that anything can be an adventure with the right attitude.

Her Stories will keep you fascinated:

Something deeper than keeping up with the celebrities or gossip, a well-travelled girl never needs to blabber on about nothing or make meaningless small talk. She’ll always have lots of real wisdom, stories, and insight to share.

She will always appreciate beauty in all its forms:

Traveling lightly is the mark of a good traveller! Knowing exactly how much makeup and clothing options she needs and what to leave behind makes her embrace her and others’ natural beauty.

She’s always in a great mental state:

Traveling is exhausting. To say nothing about dragging suitcases across airports and up stairs to walking around town to trying out surfing and scuba diving, AND warding off any uneasy situations, it takes a tough girl to make it as a traveler. You can be certain she’s sharp both mentally and physically.

She knows what she likes:

Seeing different cultures and exploring different ways of approaching life, from foreign foods to foreign philosophies, an explorer girlfriend has seen it all; she knows what she wants. This confidence helps women forge strong, health relationships.

She gets the most out of life:

Travel is expensive, and that means she’s figured out how to make it happen! A girl who travels is, by necessity, a financially savvy girl who knows how to prioritize her unique experiences and make her life work for her!

She appreciates the simple things in life:

Sunsets. Clear skies. Breeze waves. Mountain hike view. The sand beneath her feet. A woman who prioritizes travel, you can be sure that she’s not stuck-up; she knows how to appreciate the truely finer things in life.

She knows how to be comfortable in unchartered territories:

Whether it’s being in a country where she doesn’t speak the language or trying local delicacies she has never heard of to making friends with strangers, she has the confidence to be sure of herself in the most uncomfortable situations.

She knows that she has a lot to learn:

The more you see, the more you learn, and the more you realize how much is out there that you don’t know. That humility is a great quality to have in a partner.

She understands the meaning of friendship:

It is likely that she has travelled in groups more than once in her life. This shows that she understands how important it is to dedicate time and energy in to creating friendships and interpersonal relationships. This is an important quality in a partner because you want them to be your best friend before anything else.

How about a Girls' Trip to SANTORINI ISLAND?


If you are a woman who loves travelling, we have taken away all the planning off your hands! All you need to do is grab your tickets, pack your bags, hop on the plane, and meet us in SANTORINI!

Yup, you read it right.

This September, all my Dream Boudoir girls are off to Santorini, Greece for a luxury GLAM VACATION like no other! Check out the details here and let’s enjoy the very best of what the Island has to offer us!

Confessions of a Boudoir Photographer: What Women Really Want

As Toronto’s #1 boudoir photographer, my studio is always packed and I am booked back to back weeks to months in advance. This means, I interact with a huge number of women every single day. From phone conversations to photographing them, there is so much insight I have gained in to the psychology of different women that I think now is the time to pen down some of them. One day, maybe, I will write a book about it, too! But until then, read on to see my take on what women really want.

(Disclaimer: Names/location/demographics may have been changed to protect the identity of individuals. Portfolio images in this article were all taken at Dream Boudoir Photography but do not necessarily represent the subject of the following stories and observations.)




A mom of four walked in to my studio and we were in the middle of her shoot when she stopped me to give me a big hug to tell me how appreciated she was feeling. In her 25 years of on-going loveless marriage, she was beginning to feel that nothing she did was enough. That she was expected to work, expected to raise kids, expected to be a good wife, daughter, mother — but she wasn’t told playing all these roles how monumental of a task she had undertaken and was fulfilling at least since she was a young 21 year old East Asian bride. She stopped dressing up and trying to look good because she felt no one noticed because she had “lost it.”

It was only after her kids were grown and she started taking out more time for herself and doing the things she loved that she felt that it wasn’t her but the situation and the people she was constantly surrounded by. She decided to leave her long-term job and started a new career where she instantly became successful because she was no longer in the company of people who had little to no passion outside of work. She convinced her husband to downsize and moved to a more hip and busy location so she could keep herself occupied. Although the marriage still stayed in place because she wasn’t looking for a new romantic adventure, when she received appreciation from her larger circle and from myself and my crew in the studio, she knew she was ready to accept the goodness and the greatness others were seeing in her and started to believe in the power of who she was as a direct result of being appreciated for being her best and doing her best.



Among reassuring women of all sizes — from smallest to fullest, there is so much more women feel they can’t share because they will be judged. Because of my line of work, I am often contracted by women in adult industry to photograph them for their online presence. My style of work is classy, sensual, and timelessly beautiful so this fits in perfectly with the kind of clientele they want to attract. My boudoir studios in Toronto and Vancouver are judgement-free zones so they always feel warm, welcome, and comfortable during their shoots.

There was also this time when this woman came to celebrate her new corporate job and being back to work after having her first baby at 36. She was very forthcoming telling me how she is in an open relationship in her marriage and has an adventurous sex life which keeps her fulfilled so she can devote her essence to her family and those who matter the most. We proceeded to take a collection of several different images that were catered to the taste of different partners in her life so she can share it with them. Needless to say, it was a great collection of images we created that day!



This one time I was speaking to a courageous woman on the phone about the reason she wanted to book a session with me — she broke down telling me how she was in love with a man overseas and when she visited him, she was subjected to serious sexual assault. At the time she was in shock and pain but upon her return to Canada, she started writing about her experience and uplifting other women.

We have seen all about the #MeToo movement where women are now feeling empowered enough to speak against the culture of violence we have been subjected to. Women want to feel free and secure from emotional, physical, sexual, and passive forms of violence. This need to feel secure and safe is one of the biggest reasons why I have a female-only staff because this encourages the women who come to me to feel empowered as opposed to keep anticipating the worst and constantly looking over our shoulders.



Doctors and nurses in scrubs, police officers and flight attendants i uniforms, mothers stuck in a rut, corporate leaders constantly in and out of high stake meetings with pristine appearances, women in their late 50s looking to do something more than RRSP management — you name it. I have seen it all. The one thing all of these women have in common is that they are looking for a change: The ones who get no time or reason to glam up want me to turn them from natural beauties to knockout bombshells. The ones who need to present themselves in high heels and tailored suits want to throw on a sexy-T and booty shorts and have me take beautiful photos of them being the causally slaying queens that they are. Moms who are consumed by the plethora of responsibilities just want to take a day out for themselves to recharge and remind themselves that they are more than just mothers. Police officers putting their lives on the line and dealing with tough nuts want to put on those high heels and show that they know more than one way to kill ;).

toronto boudoir vancouver photography angel wings beautiful victoria's secret pinup
A nice change is good and healthy. When they see their beautiful boudoir and portrait images in my Toronto studio or Vancouver location, they sometimes cannot believe that they’re looking at the same woman they stare at every morning.



When I first opened registration for Dream Boudoir’s glamour photoshoot and vacation trip to Santorini, Greece, the fact that half the slots were sold out within the first half hour confirmed for me how important it is to have female kinship and friendships. Some of these women are my past clients who trusted me with their vision and have become my good friends since! I can see similar patterns when someone posts about their life experiences in my VIP facebook group for women — these women come together to see how they resonate with each other and start up conversations, sometimes as intimate as sexual habits(!) as if they have known each other forever.
While I other can’t stand the hippie connotation of the word “tribe,” these women definitely are looking for one and have found something simple as the love for beautiful portraits bringing them together. Be it going to our glam trip to Santorini or commissioning a boudoir glam party with all their girlfriends — so many ways to feel the power of a feminine collective!


Freedom to change our minds. Freedom to live our lives as we please. Freedom to wear what we want and be who we want to be. Freedom to think for ourselves. Freedom to live for ourselves. Freedom to explore our dreams. Freedom to catch a break.
Freedom to be true to ourselves.
This may sound cliché, but in my career, I have at least twice photographed women who were married off as child brides, at the age of 15 and 16, respectively. At 46, one of them had a 25 year old daughter. She never got the chance to explore who she was when she became a mother and had a tough life. Only now she is beginning to take life in her own hands and become the woman she always dreamed of being.

Toronto Boudoir Photography by Dream Boudoir Vancouver | Female Photographer Alishba | Mature, sexy, glamour, beautiful, elegant, Boudoir, escort, women,

This feeling of liberation is something women fiercely want in my personal experience and I know this is true for all women.



I recently did a shoot where the entire theme was leather and latex wardrobe. No laces, no frills, no two-piece sets — strictly rocker chic session. I did another shoot where the theme was vintage retro pinup: Pin curls, coke bottles, polka dot dresses, the works. And then there are those who leave it all up to me to guide them through the motions and show them everything I can do and then they choose what calls out their name. This entire group wants their word and their wishes to be trusted. Not someone telling them what they should want but LISTEN to them and help bring THEIR vision to life.

Again, only recently we have started creating a culture in the world where a woman’s voice matters. But at my boudoir photography studio, this has always been the case and this is what I became convinced of as the right thing to do throughout the years.

Recent from the studio

All images are used with the permission of our beautiful clients. We are committed to protecting your privacy.


Tell me what's your Dream Photoshoot?

What to do this Valentine’s Day? (Even if you’re single)


It’s never too early to start planning your Valentine’s Day boudoir photoshoot. It doesn’t matter if you are single or in a relationship, you can still have a ton of fun on this special day. Every woman deserves to treat herself at one point during their busy lives with a boudoir photo shoot!

It’s the kind of gift you can give and get to keep it, too! This will be a reminder of how gorgeous you are! So you can look back when your 85 and say “Damn! I looked good!” I want to take a moment to let you know how you can have the most fun with your upcoming Valentine’s boudoir shoot.

You don’t have to have your typical boudoir shoot if you want to have some fun, you can do a pin-up photoshoot! Make things funky with fun outfits, or the classic sexy red lingerie-confidence look. You could even pose as an angel in disguise in pale pink if you like. The good thing is there is no set color on what you should choose. You can choose reds, golds, pinks, and blacks all work as well. Add a personal touch with your or your special someone’s favorite sports team. With this Valentine’s Day special boudoir photoshoot, sky is the limit on the possibilities of your wardrobe choices.


For your boudoir photoshoot makeup, a smooth smokey eye is very popular to make your eyes really stand out. When you pair this with a beautiful matte red lipstick the effect is both alluring and sultry. However, don’t discount the soft subtle look of barely-there pale pink lip gloss. Natural style of makeup can give you a “girl next door” look while still being enticing. When it comes to your makeup whatever look you choose your wardrobe and I, your best boudoir photographer in Toronto and Vancouver, will be sure to compliment it all beautifully.

Toronto Boudoir Photography by Dream Boudoir Vancouver | Female Photographer Alishba | Mature, sexy, glamour, beautiful, elegant, Boudoir, escort, women,

Don’t forget about your shoes! Most women love shoes and there is a reason why. They just make us feel HOT! I always recommend having an assortment of colors for your boudoir photoshoot from black, red to even yes, a nude. You never know what a good pair of heals paired with certain outfits can do for your all-around look and feel. So, bring your stilettos, your tall heeled boots, and heck! even tennis shoes if that’s your vibe!

And of course, there is jewelry! You don’t want to forget to take your jewelry with you. You may want to take an heirloom piece or a unique
costume piece. So why not go out and look through the boutiques or antique shops to find that perfect pieces of jewelry for your photo shoot?

Toronto boudoir photographer photography alishba female escort pearls inspiration lingerie makeup glamour

Once all of this is done, you will have the option to spoil your loved one with the most beautiful albums that are made in Italy and printed to museum quality perfection. It screams luxury when you touch the premium quality of the prints and albums. Wrap a little red ribbon around this luxury black book and you are all set to entice your love and make them feel grateful for having your gorgeous presence in their life 😉 Or even if you are single, this album will be your legacy reminder — make one album every year to remind you that you are a strong-willed, soft-hearted human who deserves to be celebrated everyday.

What’s more is this: If you are a past client that I have already photographed, you can come in with your partner for an exclusive couple’s session at the studio! Get it all steamy and hot!

Now with all this information about this superb Valentine’s Day gift idea for him/her/SO, when you step into the studio for your very special Valentine’s Day boudoir shoot you will be prepared to have yourself transformed into the vixen that I know is in there!




Pinup Boudoir Photography Toronto/Boudoir Photographer Services Toronto)

Pinup Boudoir Photography Special in Toronto

Looking for an excuse to a pinup photoshoot in Toronto? Here are 5 reason why you should do it now!

When you think about what a pinup boudoir photoshoot means to you what comes to mind? Is it the 50’s and 60’s models and actresses like Betty Grabel or Marilyn Monroe poses? Back then women felt objectified when they saw these pin ups posted in their local mechanic garages or in mens rooms, but today we don’t feel the same about it.

Today when we do a pin up shoot it’s about showing just how confident and sexy we are. It’s taking a look in a mirror and owning who we are and liking it. Gone are the days of feeling insecure in our own bodies when we can have a boudoir pin up shoot to show us just how sexy we can be. With all of this in mind, I want to give you 5 honest reasons why you should go ahead and book your Toronto pin up boudoir shoot by the end of this blog.

1. You will conquer your fear

When posing for any photos now a days we don’t want to or don’t have time to. When we think of doing a boudoir pin up the excuses are limitless. As a skilled and professional pinup boudoir photographer in Toronto, you can discuss your fears with me in confidence. We are here to make you feel as comfortable as possible so we can give you the best shoot of your life.


Pinup Boudoir Photography Toronto/Boudoir Photographer Services Toronto)

2. Looking at ourselves objectively

When you have someone else take your photos, especially a pinup boudoir photographer in Toronto such as myself, they are going to find your beauty that is there yet we are all determined to look over. Finding the beauty while doing pin up is the same thing and it can even turn out to be fun for you.

3. Getting back into your confidence groove

At one point we were all confident in our skin, but something took that away from us. This is a great way to gain that confidence back because by the end of your session you will be feeling exhilarated, sexy, and wanting more. Pinup Boudoir photography is classy, sexy and you will want to have this memento for years to come.

Pinup Boudoir Photography Toronto/Boudoir Photographer Services Toronto)

4. To honor yourself.

That’s right as women today we don’t take enough time to honor ourselves. This is the perfect opportunity to do that. And, it makes a great gift for a special someone like yourself.

Pinup Boudoir Photography Toronto/Boudoir Photographer Services Toronto)

5. Lastly, but just as importantly, doing a pinup photoshoot is fun!

Not only do you get to play around with different outfits, maybe even fun 50’s hair and makeup if that is your wish, but it’s also a fun way to see how really body positive they can be. You don’t have to be a size 2 to feel sultry, and you don’t have to be a size 12 to feel curvy. When posing for any form of boudoir photography is about making all your wonderful assets feel as appealing as you allow the photographer to allow you to feel.

Pinup Boudoir Photography Toronto/Boudoir Photographer Services Toronto)

Now I bet you are still coming up with a reason why you may not want to have your pinup boudoir session done, but I really cannot think of any reason why not to let the negativity go and really have fun with things. You are a strong beautiful woman and you should celebrate yourself at any age or stage in your life. In the words of Ashley Graham, “You can be sexy and feel good in your skin, no matter what size you are.”


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