It’s never too early to start planning your Valentine’s Day boudoir photoshoot. It doesn’t matter if you are single or in a relationship, you can still have a ton of fun on this special day. Every woman deserves to treat herself at one point during their busy lives with a boudoir photo shoot!

It’s the kind of gift you can give and get to keep it, too! This will be a reminder of how gorgeous you are! So you can look back when your 85 and say “Damn! I looked good!” I want to take a moment to let you know how you can have the most fun with your upcoming Valentine’s boudoir shoot.

You don’t have to have your typical boudoir shoot if you want to have some fun, you can do a pin-up photoshoot! Make things funky with fun outfits, or the classic sexy red lingerie-confidence look. You could even pose as an angel in disguise in pale pink if you like. The good thing is there is no set color on what you should choose. You can choose reds, golds, pinks, and blacks all work as well. Add a personal touch with your or your special someone’s favorite sports team. With this Valentine’s Day special boudoir photoshoot, sky is the limit on the possibilities of your wardrobe choices.


For your boudoir photoshoot makeup, a smooth smokey eye is very popular to make your eyes really stand out. When you pair this with a beautiful matte red lipstick the effect is both alluring and sultry. However, don’t discount the soft subtle look of barely-there pale pink lip gloss. Natural style of makeup can give you a “girl next door” look while still being enticing. When it comes to your makeup whatever look you choose your wardrobe and I, your best boudoir photographer in Toronto and Vancouver, will be sure to compliment it all beautifully.

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Don’t forget about your shoes! Most women love shoes and there is a reason why. They just make us feel HOT! I always recommend having an assortment of colors for your boudoir photoshoot from black, red to even yes, a nude. You never know what a good pair of heals paired with certain outfits can do for your all-around look and feel. So, bring your stilettos, your tall heeled boots, and heck! even tennis shoes if that’s your vibe!

And of course, there is jewelry! You don’t want to forget to take your jewelry with you. You may want to take an heirloom piece or a unique
costume piece. So why not go out and look through the boutiques or antique shops to find that perfect pieces of jewelry for your photo shoot?

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Once all of this is done, you will have the option to spoil your loved one with the most beautiful albums that are made in Italy and printed to museum quality perfection. It screams luxury when you touch the premium quality of the prints and albums. Wrap a little red ribbon around this luxury black book and you are all set to entice your love and make them feel grateful for having your gorgeous presence in their life 😉 Or even if you are single, this album will be your legacy reminder — make one album every year to remind you that you are a strong-willed, soft-hearted human who deserves to be celebrated everyday.

What’s more is this: If you are a past client that I have already photographed, you can come in with your partner for an exclusive couple’s session at the studio! Get it all steamy and hot!

Now with all this information about this superb Valentine’s Day gift idea for him/her/SO, when you step into the studio for your very special Valentine’s Day boudoir shoot you will be prepared to have yourself transformed into the vixen that I know is in there!




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