Why professional hair styling and makeup makes a difference for boudoir photography

When planning a boudoir photoshoot, sometimes my clients ask me if they really need to sit in for their professional hair and boudoir photography makeup services that I provide as part of my shoot services.

My answer is always:

Hell Yes!

And here’s WHY:


What the camera sees and what we see can be different things, especially when shooting in a studio/professional setting. In order to reflect your natural beauty, we need to balance skin color and style your hair in a way that will give us consistency throughout the shoot. It doesn’t matter if we use studio strobes or natural light, in order to make sure that your skin reflects your natural colors, we need to apply some product to ensure we get the best results in camera.

Professionals makeup artists are not your average makeover newbies. They are called “pros” because they have been trained by the best industry names to to properly apply and enhance your features to give you the best, most “you” look possible.  They are able to work with a range of skin types, colors, and textures and they only used the very best of skincare products. They can contour and create a look that are designed to work through the camera so that you have your highlights on “fleek.” 😉

Whether you like the sexy and dramatic Kim Kardashian makeup style or barely-there natural look of Meghan Markle, the professionals in my team can create it all. The only thing you need to do is let them know how you would like to see yourself. You can also let me know beforehand if you have any allergies or preference for industry standard products or want an all-natural vegan ingredients product selection. I am here to accommodate all your photoshoot needs. After all, what is a boudoir photoshoot if not your going all out to love yourself in a comfortable environment?!



There is an association with being all made up and feeling confident when it comes to women and photoshoots. I want you to feel your best when we capture your transformation from an everyday hustler who juggles too many roles and demands of life into a glamour goddess who has finally decided to take time to appreciate all that she does and all that she is. Your Toronto boudoir photoshoot experience will be incomplete without the special professional styling services included in your session.

My makeup artists only use high quality makeup because it works! Whether you want to cover up blemishes or prevent shine, professional quality branded make up is the best solution. Regular makeup pigments  can be unflattering when they reflect light, giving you a shine which can be difficult to fix later but you can trust my team to make the shoot as flattering for you as possible.

Your makeup will actually STAY PUT throughout your session. You might be rolling a bed, playing with the white sheets, doing posing acrobatics with your whole body, you can rest assured that your makeup will stay fabulous throughout.

I mentioned posing acrobatics because I will make you WORK IT! But that also means that you’re going to need a hair stylist who knows how to create resilient boudoir hairstyles that can stay glamorous throughout the shoot. You will absolutely need the services of my expert hairstylist. They will help you achieve the look you really want — from sultry and sexy to sleek and elegant, or simply rolled-out-bed girl next door.





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