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Miss World Canada Contestant | ★★★★★ / More Testimonials

“Alishba made me feel so amazing and comfortable in my own skin. She is so talented and knew exactly what she wanted from me when we were shooting. It was so easy working with her and every 10 minutes she made me laugh! Thank you so much for the wonderful experience, and thank you for letting me wear your very own design! Alishba is absolutely amazing. Thank you Alishba for the beautiful pictures, you are so extraordinarily talented. You are unique in your own way and you transfer that to every piece of work you touch.”

Miss A

Miss A

★★★★★ / More Testimonials

“My experience was absolutely amazing, Alishba was able to take my vague ideas and turn them into a complete work of art! Her talent, kindness and compassion were so present in my session with her. My hair and makeup was so beautiful and simplistic. I was still able to ‘look like me’ while capturing my inner and outer beauty. My time with Alishba and her team will be one I cherish as a strong motivation for self confidence, inner strength and self love. I love everything about the picture, even down to my freckles! I cannot thank you enough, this entire day and the work you have captured is absolutely incredible!”

"Right now I feel free, I feel empowered, I feel like I've never felt better. So this photoshoot was definitely a culmination of all those feelings. When I first saw the proofs right after our session I was very critical of myself. I wish I had lost a few more pounds before I had the shoot. But now looking at the photos, I'm like, 'I look pretty good!' After I became single again I was like I need to look really good if I wanna have a chance finding love again. I had this really high bar that I had set for myself. Looking at those photos I think I feel like I've met my bar. I've lost 50 pounds over the last 5 years. I've been really into health and exercise and that shows in those photos. I feel triumphant. For the last few months I have been telling myself that hey that I've met all my financial goals. And now, it's time for me. My 20s were about my career, my 30s were about my kids, and my 40s are going to be about me."



WEDDING ANNIVERSARY BOUDOIR | ★★★★★ / More Testimonials

“Thank you for helping me feel confident about my body. I felt very comfortable throughout the shoot and my husband loved the images! We've put up the two framed images in our bathroom!”

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