Women Who Travel Make the Best Girlfriends

Traveling is not about collecting stamps in a passport or doing it only for the Instagram fashion fad. At its core, traveling the world is all about gaining insight, unique perspectives, and discovering who you really are. Women who have traveled know this to be true in their hearts, and that’s just one of the many reasons why they make the best partners, spouses, and girlfriends.

Here are some of the reasons why no one can resist dating a well-traveled woman:

She’s always thankful for everything she has:

Travelling makes your humble. When you see that there are people living in extremely difficult conditions, it makes you truly appreciate what you have. From running water to three meals a day, a women who travel are the women who are grateful for all the little things in life.

She will turn everything into an adventure:

Tourist attractions and cliché routes, she’s done it all. But real wanderers know that the most beautiful experiences aren’t the jam-packed tourist traps, but things like the random conversations you strike up with the locals at a market or picking up foreign foods from the hole-in-the-wall mom & pop shops. Those are the lessons that teach a woman that anything can be an adventure with the right attitude.

Her Stories will keep you fascinated:

Something deeper than keeping up with the celebrities or gossip, a well-travelled girl never needs to blabber on about nothing or make meaningless small talk. She’ll always have lots of real wisdom, stories, and insight to share.

She will always appreciate beauty in all its forms:

Traveling lightly is the mark of a good traveller! Knowing exactly how much makeup and clothing options she needs and what to leave behind makes her embrace her and others’ natural beauty.

She’s always in a great mental state:

Traveling is exhausting. To say nothing about dragging suitcases across airports and up stairs to walking around town to trying out surfing and scuba diving, AND warding off any uneasy situations, it takes a tough girl to make it as a traveler. You can be certain she’s sharp both mentally and physically.

She knows what she likes:

Seeing different cultures and exploring different ways of approaching life, from foreign foods to foreign philosophies, an explorer girlfriend has seen it all; she knows what she wants. This confidence helps women forge strong, health relationships.

She gets the most out of life:

Travel is expensive, and that means she’s figured out how to make it happen! A girl who travels is, by necessity, a financially savvy girl who knows how to prioritize her unique experiences and make her life work for her!

She appreciates the simple things in life:

Sunsets. Clear skies. Breeze waves. Mountain hike view. The sand beneath her feet. A woman who prioritizes travel, you can be sure that she’s not stuck-up; she knows how to appreciate the truely finer things in life.

She knows how to be comfortable in unchartered territories:

Whether it’s being in a country where she doesn’t speak the language or trying local delicacies she has never heard of to making friends with strangers, she has the confidence to be sure of herself in the most uncomfortable situations.

She knows that she has a lot to learn:

The more you see, the more you learn, and the more you realize how much is out there that you don’t know. That humility is a great quality to have in a partner.

She understands the meaning of friendship:

It is likely that she has travelled in groups more than once in her life. This shows that she understands how important it is to dedicate time and energy in to creating friendships and interpersonal relationships. This is an important quality in a partner because you want them to be your best friend before anything else.

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