Women need to stop asking for permission to feel sexy

“This sounds awesome! Just let me talk to my husband about this.”

“Wow! I really want to do a boudoir photoshoot! Just let me see if my work will allow me to take a day off.”

“Oh, I LOVE this! Just let me get back to you after I have prioritized a few things.”

Woman, what the hell?
  • You DO NOT need your husband/boyfriend or anyone else’s permission to feel sexy, empowered, and fulfilled. You only need to GIVE YOURSELF THE PERMISSION to feel full. To feel beautiful. To do something for yourself. My Toronto boudoir photography studio is an all-female, safe, body positive and sex positive space. There is nothing you need to be afraid of when you come in for your magazine-style boudoir photography session in my studio. If you still feel like you need your partner’s permission? Use this an excuse not to wiggle out of the shoot but to actually DO IT and then gift these saucy photos of yourself in an album to them!


  •  Are you going to tell me that you have NEVER taken a personal day from work or made a “sick day” excuse to do something that needs done? If you have never taken a personal day, YOU ARE SO DUE FOR ONE! And if you have made up an excuse to get out of work, why would you not do it again to come in for a day that’s dedicated to celebrating YOU and is entirely focused on you? Boudoir photography is all about you and you can rest assured that this experience in my Toronto boudoir photography studio is the best experience you will ever have.


  • So you’re saying that the wellbeing of your own self is not a priority for you? We need to change that. We need this fixed. Because you cannot give to others what you refuse to have for yourself: A little investment to love yourself and to document exactly where you are in your life will go a long, long way into how you see other things and other people in your life. I will be there along with my all-female team to guide you and create the best boudoir photoshoot ever!

Honestly, I am so tired of women making these excuses and feeling guilty. You are not splurging on an overpriced handbag that has a lifespan of maybe a couple of years. You are giving yourself the GIFT of pictures of yourself for how you want to remember yourself and be remembered.

Photos are a forever gift and that’s why I treat your photoshoot no less than a wedding day photoshoot.

This is an event, a CELEBRATION of your life.
And you are ALLOWED to be a part of your own celebration.

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