Haven’t got anyone who you could give these images to to show what a fabulous woman they have in their lives?

Okay, then how about doing this photoshoot to REMIND YOURSELF about what a FABULOUS woman you are?

Do this photoshoot so you feel EMPOWERED.

Do this photoshoot so you START LOVING YOURSELF AGAIN.

Do this photoshoot so you can HAVE CONTROL OVER HOW YOU SEE YOURSELF.

I suffer from the photographer’s curse because, dear lord, I hardly ever like the pictures I see of myself from the phone cameras often taken by friends and family who love me. But I don’t let it trick me into thinking that I look bad.

Because I know that my social media images are not going in my LEGACY ALBUM or on the walls of my home and that my friends and family can’t possibly know the difference between the wrong angle and the right angle; the right light and the wrong light, the right distance and the wrong zoom… they aren’t paying attention to my hair flying in all directions or the food stuck between my teeth. They don’t know how to focus the lens on the right part of my features…

But YOU don’t have that problem!

You know why?

Because you have me! Your expert, professional photographer as well as my styling team!

Don’t let these constant phone-tapped pictures take over your life. Let me show you what you really look like, you gorgeous woman!


Take a leap of faith.

And I will be here, on the other side, to catch you and make you feel as wonderful as you deserve to feel by giving you the most beautiful picture you have ever seen of yourself.

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