10 Types of Women Who Want to Feel Sexy

Hey, ladies!

I’m heading into another busy week of back-to-back shoots but I wanted to make sure to reach out to you to take away the “myth” behind the voice at the back of your head, “but what kind of women go to a boudoir studio?!”

The short answer is: A woman like you. Because you are reading this for a reason. As a female boudoir photographer myself, you will find the love and support you need to embrace yourself at your most beautiful!


Women pour their hearts out to me when they call me to talk about why they want to do this shoot, this is one of the many reasons of being a female boudoir photographer in Toronto. Let me share some of those stories with you.


You are judging yourself before even giving yourself a chance. You feel like you want this boudoir photoshoot SO BAD but what if someone sees your photos? What if they judge you for being vain (i.e. BEAUTIFUL)? For being indulgent (i.e. TAKING CARE OF YOURSELF)? You are so nervous if you “still got it” and if you will be able to keep it together come the day of the shoot.

This is 90% of all women who walk into my studio. TRUST ME, the care with which I craft every shoot, their nervousness goes away so fast that once they book a photoshoot in my all female boudoir photography studio, their confidence REALLY spikes up. To the point that almost all of the “Nervous Wrecks” end up requesting a classy topless shot 10 minutes into the session! NO KIDDING!


You keep giving, and giving, and giving: To your husband, to your kids, to your parents, to your friends, to your work. Ever wondered what it’s like to take a break and instead of giving the best of you to others all the time, replenish yourself with taking a day that’s just for yourself? Tasteful and classy glamour portraits and boudoir photography will remind you that you are your first priority and responsibility. In the airplanes, they say it for a reason that you should put on your oxygen mask before helping others — because that is the only way you can help others. So give yourself a treat and do this Toronto boudoir photography session just like so many other women like you who I meet everyday.



The Luxury boudoir album, printed at the museum quality lab in Italy is the absolute favourite of most women do a shoot with me. From the perspective of a female boudoir photographer in in Toronto, I know that my studio’s Italian-made Boudoir Photography Professional Albums are the absolutely perfect gift for your partner, be it Christmas, Valentine’s, your birthday, their birthday, you name it!



Yep, you’re bored. Same old routine, same old you, from home to hustle, every day seems like the one before. No time to think about a change of haircut, or risking a new makeup routine, or even thinking outside the work wardrobe capsule, be it the nurse’s slacks or the pant-suit. Sex life also seems to have hit a plateau — These women come to me, your Toronto GTA Boudoir Photographer expert, to make them come alive once again. The supermodel experience of you being the centre of attention for an entire day and you playing dress-up every which way. For these women, this is one the best days they’ve had in a long time, in their own words.


From stories of being in an unhappy or abusive relationship to amicable parting or cheating spouses, my all-female Toronto boudoir photography studio has seen it all. The good news is that you now have the “excuse” that you needed to put your big girl pants on, wipe away your tears, and embrace the stronger you that is on her way to rising out of the ashes just like a Dumbledore’s Phoenix! 😉 I show women like you the mirror of self-love and confidence everyday. You’ve got this!



If you ask the women what “newly” in love means, they will tell you about the guy they met 6 months ago or the guy they have been married to for 28 years but found their heart skipping a beat again. This boudoir photoshoot has it all: I will capture the twinkle in your eyes, the glow on your face, the best of his white shirts framing your body.



You overcame a serious health issue or you just paid off your house AND put your kids through college: Whatever defines strength for you, my studio has seen it all. The women who walk into my boudoir photography studio have so many stories of strength and courage that whenever they do allow me to share their struggle, I can see other women identify with it find inspiration in it. I’ll be your trusted confidante female boudoir photographer, and I encourage you to tell your story and celebrate your triumphs. You can read more about these stories on the blog here.


The last time these women thought about pretty and not just practical underwear was their wedding 25 years ago. And that was also the only time they bought something half-decent. Because who’s gonna see your splurge? When these women book their shoot at my all-female Toronto boudoir photography studio, they LOVE the helpful e-books I send them and find it so empowering to walk into a lingerie store to buy the most delicate and romantic thing they can find and for no other reason but to feel gorgeous inside out. The shoot becomes their excuse to have this experience and not feel guilty or ashamed about owning “nice things” in life. Congratulations, girls!


From those who got married at 19 30 years ago to the 62 year old grandma of six, I have photographed it all. Seriously! Feeling fabulous has no age or weight limit and the trust of these wise women in my professional photography at the boudoir studio makes MY day a fabulous one!


Long distance across the ocean or 20 minutes drive away from home at their work place, OR a new Tinder prospect, at my Toronto boudoir photography studio, women experience a new side of their sexy everyday. Taking “shame” away from it all, I strongly believe that a woman’s body is to be celebrated so enjoy these beautiful photos to boost your own self-esteem and to remind your special someone how lucky they are 😉




I salute you, ladies — because your stories and your effort is HARD WORK. And it’s always a pleasure to be your professional boudoir photographer.


Am I good enough? Am I thin enough? Am I young enough? Am I sexy enough? Is feeling sexy really a “need?” Oh, god, woman! Stop! I get teary when women talk like that about themselves — that’s why, at my  Toronto boudoir photography studio, no negative self-talk is allowed. And trust me, all the women who walk in with these thoughts leave the studio skipping with happiness and confidence once they see how beautiful they look!


These women have got it all. They’re the definition of Beyoncé’s Independent Woman. And they come to do this glamour makeover boudoir photoshoot to document the amazing bliss they’re experiencing in their lives and to keep feeling fabulous forever!



reasons to book a boudoir photoshoot toronto gta mississauga female photography studio

13 Reasons Why Every Woman Needs a Boudoir Photo shoot

You heard about it, thought about it, and got curious.

You’re thinking am I thin enough? Am I sexy enough? Am I good-looking enough?
Would people think I’m vain? Is it going to be awkward? Am I allowed to do this?

First off, I want you to stop thinking about all the myths and excuses and concentrate on what a boudoir photography session means for you — because you are here, reading for a reason.

This is such an intimate and personal photo shoot that there is no one-size-fits-all. Every shoot is as unique as the woman who wants to do it. So let’s dive in and explore 13 of those many, many reasons!


Birthday Boudoir Sessions in Toronto, Canada Best Birthday Present

You’re blossoming into a new, strong, compassionate, and badass woman with every passing day. Age may just be nothing but a number but that does not discount all the experiences, the good and the bad, that you have seen and been through to shape you into the confidence powerhouse that you are today.

Give yourself this special treat and book a shoot to celebrate your milestone birthday!


Beautiful "Plus" Size Woman posing with fur in her dream boudoir session

Celebrate being comfortable in your own skin. Honor yourself by being able to love every curve, every inch of the “plus” that the society has tagged you with. Celebrate the fact that you owe no one an explanation for being a hot bombshell, and rock it. Dare to wear that crop top with those sexy lace undies and let’s photograph you so you can say eff off to a cookie-cutter view of “beauty standards” the society has.


I was born and raised in Pakistan, a seriously sexually and morally regressive society where it is routine for women to be blamed for violence committed against them, be it acid being thrown in their face for turning down a guy, domestic violence, or even rape. As someone who has a degree in Human Development & Social Relations, I have seen a trend that almost everywhere women are taught to be ashamed of their sexuality and their bodies from a very young age. Where “modesty” is not a choice but an expectation and not fulfilling that expectation will leave a woman open to verbal and sometimes even physical abuse and attack. But does that mean we do not have the DESIRE to be sexy? To explore our sexuality?
Of course, we do!

So do this boudoir shoot because you want to let your hair feel the breeze. Do this shoot because you like the way the sun feels on your legs or knowing that only you can decide who sees your sensual photos. It’s time to break out of the constant feeling like your own skin is your biggest burden.

Do this to empower the feminist that’s inside you.



Best birthday present for women over 40s, 50s, 60s

Girl, I get it! I have a two-year-old and I don’t even remember who I was during that very hard first year. Between breastfeeding, bathing the baby, changing diapers, preparing to cleanup-after the baby, after each new milestones discovery, AND finally returning to work, moms don’t only get mentally exhausted but also struggle with the issues of self-doubt sometimes to the point when you end up having a hard time recognizing yourself in the mirror. I know hard it is to see the stretch marks, changed breasts, and still feel that you are desirable, sexy, and beautiful. Especially those of you who have raised or are raising multiple children, hats-off to you!

But it is also important to take out the time for yourself and get out of the rut. Give yourself a day where you will be pampered, glammed, and the center of all attention will be you. AND you will have photographs you will be in love with to remind you of the fact that you still got it all girl, you still got it all!


We have a very long way to go before research into women’s health is completed. But, in the meantime, it does not mean that we stop acknowledging that there are warrior women amongst us. That there are women who have overcome so much more than some of us cannot even imagine going through. And, honestly, it does not even need to be just a physical illness. There are also mental health issues like depression, bipolar disorder, and so on that are also challenging and a daily struggle and fight.

Soon I will be putting up a video of a lovely woman who came to my studio to document her journey of self-love after bipolar medication made her go up a few sizes. She was in tears because during the photo shoot she realized how happy she is that she came in did this because now she has finally started accepting and loving herself regardless of an arbitrary mark of a dress size.

My studio is a safe space and you are in charge of your photoshoot. Do this to remind yourself of your triumphs. That you are a survivor. That you are doing all that you can to live a healthy life. Do this for nothing but to keep your memories to look back on when you need inspiration for strength when life gets tough.


Posing for an Anonymous Boudoir Portrait

Married, getting married, anniversary, their birthday, or simply spicing things up — gifting him/her/them your beautiful, tasteful, and sexy intimate pictures in an Italian-made luxury album presented in a glass box is the ultimate thing to do. There is literally no other gift like a boudoir photoshoot which SCREAMS “personalized.” And from personal experience, I know that you will definitely be appreciated for the thought put into it 😉

So use this excuse and do it for you — and them!


Hectic day job or a 24/7 entrepreneur roster — I hear you! Churning out the results expected of you and having to be dressed all-day, every day in a uniform; be it a nurse’s pair of slacks or the CEO combo from Saks — you feel like you are not flaunting your sexy enough and feeling a bit overworked. Then THIS DAY is for you.

Whether you are a high maintenance boss lady with pre-booked manicure appointments for the whole year or the only time you go to a salon is for your yearly haircut, a boudoir shoot will remind you that care needs to be about you and yourself before you go out there and give your whole to the rest of the world. Your photo shoot is an art process where you can strip down to just eye-liner for makeup or get glammed up like Beyoncé.

This is a time that is JUST FOR YOU. No need to have the constant pressure to perform for the world. Just seeing yourself the way you want to be seen — this is why you need the boudoir experience.


Woman laying on the floor in Black lace lingerie around lights

You felt like you needed to make some changes in your lifestyle to fulfill your personal goals and that included watching what you eat and living at the gym (practically). But now you have all those abs and nowhere to go? WRONG! You have my all-female Toronto boudoir studio to go to so we can record how goddamn proud you are for doing what was necessary for your own growth and happiness. And that you really have kicked ass and become this new person! Congratulations, girl!


Bachelorette party or it just has been too long since you all did something fun together — that was also Instagram-worthy! How about we design a boudoir party for you and your besties and make a whole day of glam and beauty out of it? Urgh, it will be ridiculously AMAZING! I’m getting excited just thinking about all the manicure parties of pre-planning and a super-fun supermodel photoshoot experience! Let’s get creative, my ladies!


TW: Trauma, sexual abuse
A ridiculously big number of women, including myself, have experienced some form of sexual abuse, be it verbal harassment or physical trauma of sexual assault. I know what it does to a woman and her sexuality. I know and I understand how hard it becomes to constantly fight through it all: the catcalls, the unintentional triggers, the memories that you just can’t seem to run away from. But healing has to begin somewhere if we are to stop letting the abuser feel powerful. Because sexual assault and harassment are first and foremost about power.

I learned it early on that I have to take charge of my own sexuality and not let them decide and tarnish all my experiences and my opinion of myself. Where medical and legal aids are there to help you heal, do not discount this experience of being in an all-female, SAFE SPACE of my studio where you can feel okay about bringing your sexy out and feel pride, joy, and a step in the right direction towards healing when you hold your beautiful and sexually charged, tasteful images in your hands to remind you that there is help out there. There are people who believe you. And that you are bigger and more powerful despite the trauma, despite the challenges.
I would be so honored to be a part of your healing because, girl, #MeToo.


Christmas and Valentine's Day Dream Boudoir

We’ve already talked about how a luxury boudoir album is literally the best gift ever you can give to your partner but let’s dive a little deeper into a themed boudoir shoot!
The sexy reds of Christmas make it the best surprise under the tree (it’s recommended that you give this gift a little bit more privately if you have children at home or find that your mom is visiting for the holidays ;)). The same reds are the biggest staple for Valentine’s day!

Every year, for these two occasions, I do a special set design that is dedicated to having women like you come in to experience a festive celebration of love and light! These sessions get booked up months in advance so make sure you book your spot WELL before Christmas and Valentine’s Day. 



“We need to talk.” We have all been there. No matter the “label,” divorce, intense breakups, betrayal, it all sucks. But this is EXACTLY the reason you gotta get up and put all of your sexy on that whole-lotta woman. Because, girl, once you prove it to yourself that it’s YOUR TIME to shine, that sexy thang at the bar will also see that in you 😉 Or do this boudoir photo shoot to update your Tinder profile!



Beautiful Confident Women in a Long Red Dress Posing for Dream Boudoir Shoot

Maybe this year didn’t go as well as you planned it. Or some things fell in place while others didn’t. Maybe you had an epiphany to change direction.
Whatever it is, doing an intimate and tasteful boudoir photo shoot is bound to make you feel great about yourself and push you to set your eyes on the new beginnings; — it’s time to empower yourself to celebrate the sexy, confident, strong, marvelous, brilliant, fierce, and beautiful woman that you are.

Let’s celebrate your new beginnings together, my girl!


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