Seriously. The answer is: You need to lose 0.00 lbs to have GREAT images of yourself.

If you find yourself saying, “I totally need to do a shoot but I need to cut down my last 5/10 lbs,”


Do you think that the love your partner, parents, siblings, friends, family will increase or decrease based on a few extra pounds of love and life?


They will love you just as much!

And get this — If you still feel bad about the 5/10/20lbs you feel like you need to work on, BY ALL MEANS keep working on your personal goals but keep this in mind:

After shooting 100s of women, I know EXACTLY how to shape, dress, pose, and light you to shave off what you need to for the pictures 😉 I’m not kidding! You will still look like yourself in real life when you are at your VERY BEST! So keep hitting the gym but do it because it’s a good habit and not because you think you are not ready for gorgeous photos right now.

Trust me, you are perfect right now.

And how about you do a shoot now to get in the mindset of loving yourself no matter what and another shoot when you have reached the health goal you have set up for yourself?

WOMAN! Document your journey!

Is “I’m too flabby” your next excuse?

Oh, get over it, you beautiful woman! We live in the era of body-shaping undergarments like SPANX. To let you in a secret, I use these myself from time to time when I want to get into a particularly clingy dress 😉 We can put you in a nice babydoll or lacy leotard and underneath your skin-tone matching, confidence-boosting undies! Also, I know two amazing boss ladies who handcraft AMAZINGLY SEXY shape-wear (so much better than the plain nudes of SPANX) right here in Toronto. Head over to the following two sites to find a piece you love:

Mayana Geneviere — A line of sexy black lace shape-wear perfect for a photoshoot!

Ohhh Lulu — This woman makes CUSTOM lingerie! Like TAILORED lingerie! Let your imagination run WILD!

Mayana Geneviere’s sexy lace shape-wear

I CANNOT say this enough: Wardrobe makes all the difference in the world. This is the reason I do a full hour of video/phone consultation or an in-person fitting appointment before your shoot. And this is the reason I have designed THREE E-BOOKS which you will get when you confirm your session booking with me. The right wardrobe will help me put you in the poses you love regardless of your dress size.

Go to Victoria’s Secret and have them properly measure you (I have like 5 different sizes of bras! Only recently did I finally found out my right size and I have never looked better ;)) The right bra will give you the right perks and make you feel thirsty sexy!

You can bring an entire suitcase of wardrobe if you want and we can go through creating wardrobe for you. Maybe we will mix it up with something that i have in the studio and maybe it will give you an excuse to go shopping!

Whenever I am asked: How do you pose curvy women?

My answer is always: Exactly the way I pose every other woman.

My Toronto boudoir studio is home to women like you. My job is to photograph you exactly like that woman you saw on the billboard. Your photographs will be just as good as your photographer. It is MY job to make you photogenic.

Girl, I've got you!

Let's do this already!

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