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Embracing Femininity through Barbie-Inspired Boudoir Photography

The other day when I was scrolling through social media, I came across this beautiful write up which I am sharing with you here with permission from the woman who wrote it:

“I’ve seen a few men on this platform (social media) criticize the Barbie craze or admit they’re ready for it to go away.  So, let me tell you a story.

In my early 30s, I went to the apartment (for the first time) of a man I was dating.  He had a giant Death Star replica, a Luke Skywalker and a Darth Vader figurine. He was an adult man with toys visible and on display in his home. He wasn’t ashamed or apologetic. His friends thought it was cool.  I thought it was odd but didn’t question it (imagine if a new guy/love interest showed up to a 30, 40 or 50-something woman’s home to find Barbie, Ken, Growing Up Skipper and Midge displayed on a shelf). That’s because it’s acceptable for men to acknowledge their childhood.  It’s acceptable for men to have toys.

Heck, right now, my 70-something dad has a man cave full of model airplanes, a life-sized Batman and a Darth Vader. I think there is a Superman, too.

Girls and women, however, are societally expected to outgrow and move on from our toys. We’re expected to shift our focus from baby dolls to human babies and from Barbie dolls to being real-life Barbies for our boyfriends and husbands. We are expected to mother baby humans and become the dolls we once dressed up while managing critiques of our body sizes, shapes, careers, makeup and wardrobe choices.

I loved Barbie.  I mean, I loved Barbie! But by my teenage years, my collection of Barbies was gathered up and passed on to a younger cousin simply because it was time for me to move on from childish things. But I never stopped loving Barbie.

In fact, I still get excited to see and even visit at stores the Holiday Barbie and all her finery when she comes out each year. I’d have a house full of Barbies if I could.

And why can’t I?


Women are expected to leave behind our childhoods, that essence of who we were, that time of innocence, imagination and wonder. We are expected to leave behind play and playtime.

We’re not really even allowed hobbies except for those that center around home and family.

This is not the case for men. It’s acceptable to hang on to everything from video games to action figures to bike riding. I feel like every guy I ever dated in Austin would spend hours getting muddy on a mountain bike each week.

For so many of us, Barbie is the toy we had to give up along with our girlhood, our childhood. We not only miss her, we miss the girl inside each of us who still loves her and all she represented to us.  Barbie could be anything and there was a time we believed we could be, too, before life, societal pressures, reality and patriarchy stepped in, hit us over the head with a pink 2X4, took away our toys, made us grow up and told us it was all our fault anyway.”   ~Rachel E.


In the enchanting world of photography, there’s a studio, YOUR studio, that celebrates femininity like no other in the bustling heart of Toronto: Dream Boudoir Photography has become synonymous with redefining boudoir and women’s portrait photography. My team and I are dedicated to creating a safe and supportive space for women to explore their femininity, bask in their beauty, and celebrate their uniqueness. We believe that every woman deserves to feel empowered, and our photography sessions aim to do just that!

I’m Alishba, the owner and photographer at Dream Boudoir Photography, where I affectionately call my clients as “DreamGirls.”I n this blog post, I will take you on a captivating journey, showcasing a collection of dreamy photos that fit the flirty and the girl inside us all that we have been reminded of by the latest Barbie movie, a symbol of empowerment, and ever-changing feminine strength.

Unveiling DreamGirls: Redefining Boudoir Photography

At Dream Boudoir Photography, each Dream Girl is treated like a work of art, capturing your elegance and grace through the lens of the camera. The studio has earned a stellar reputation for creating a comfortable, safe, and supportive environment where women can explore and express their femininity freely.

The term “DreamGirls” affectionately refers to the clients of the studio, as you embark on a transformative experience. The photography sessions are much more than just pictures; they are an ode to self-love and self-expression. DreamGirls often opt for themes that resonate with their innermost desires, and even before the Barbie movie came about, the studio has witnessed a trend of clients embracing the magic of PINK! in boudoir photography.

barbie inspired women's boudoir and portrait photography in toronto

Barbie: From male fantasy to the Icon of Empowerment

Barbie, the iconic doll from Mattel, has been more than just a toy. She’s a symbol of empowerment, resilience, and limitless possibilities. But that was not always the case — Barbie was always a certain body and skin type that played on the male fantasy and the Western male view of “perfection.” And then things changed — for decades, Barbie has been inspiring girls and women worldwide to dream big and break through societal stereotypes. The recent Barbie movie beautifully captured the essence of this message, reigniting the spark of imagination in DreamGirls.

over 40 women boudoir photography in toronto pink color

Embracing Barbie-Inspired Boudoir Photography

The fable of Barbie has always been seen the Dream Boudoir Photography studios subconsciously. My DreamGirls have been the muse to celebrate the essence of femininity. In feminine and flirty sets and colors, what looks like Barbie-inspired boudoir photography, they have always embarked on a journey to embrace the vibrant colors of life, the sense of adventure, and the empowerment of having been through the journey of womanhood.

Let’s take a look at this unique boudoir and women’s portrait photography I’ve created in studios in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area!

1. The Dreamy Pastels

You can draw inspiration from Barbie’s signature color palette and we can incorporate mesmerizing pastels into our shoots. From soft blush pinks to dreamy sky blues and elegant creamy whites, these colors accentuated the grace and charm of our DreamGirls, making each shot an enchanting masterpiece. Soft pastels exuded a delicate and dreamy aura which we can also put in a badass contrast.

over 40 women boudoir photography in toronto pink color blush angel wings dream boudoir fabel kissed provocateur

2. Confidence and Elegance

In the Barbie movie, the protagonist portrays confidence and elegance effortlessly. These qualities are beautifully captured during the boudoir sessions. Our DreamGirls are posed in graceful, poised stances that reflected the strength and resilience they carry within themselves while they’re kissed by the softest light to show off the glow of self-love and independence.

As your photographer, my goal is to make you feel like the most empowered version of herself, capturing your pride and inner strength in every frame.

30th birthday women boudoir photography in toronto pink color blush angel wings dream boudoir fable kissed provocateur

3. Embracing Diversity

Just like Barbie dolls now come in various shapes, sizes, and ethnicities, at Dream Boudoir Photography in Toronto and internationally, I celebrate diversity everyday! As being a woman of color myself, among other things, I understand the importance of representation. Every woman, regardless of her appearance, abilities, or background, deserves to feel beautiful and empowered, just like the diverse range of Barbie dolls inspire. I have photographed women who are entirely hearing impaired (we conducted the whole pre-session planning and the actual session via written words on our screen), visually impaired (a beautiful mother and business owner trusted me her vision of beautiful photographs with her prosthetic eye), all relationship statuses (I once photographed a lovely girl who had her right broken right before Valentine’s day and we decided to do the session for her on Valentine’s day to redefine the day and I have photographed women in all statuses that come between married, divorced, widowed, poly, you name it!) all shapes, and all ethnicities. It has truly been a real source of joy for me to see these women celebrate the artwork of their bodies in their homes!

40th birthday women boudoir photography in toronto pink color blush angel wings dream boudoir fable kissed provocateur

4. The Sense of Adventure

Barbie is known for her exciting adventures and limitless imagination. To emulate that sense of adventure, I have destination photography sessions as well! We can also do local special shoots as well: Be it on a motorcycle or on the beach or both! These shoots invite you all to step into a world of imagination and self-discovery, allowing you to indulge in the thrill of exploring new facets of your personalities.

40th birthday bride bridal women boudoir photography in toronto pink color blush angel wings dream boudoir fable kissed provocateur

40th birthday bride bridal women boudoir photography in toronto pink color blush angel wings dream boudoir fable kissed provocateur

Closing Thoughts

As the proud owner of Dream Boudoir Photography, seeing my DreamGirls embrace their inner Barbie has been nothing short of magical. We have found a beautiful muse in the Barbie movie. At Dream Boudoir Photography, these remarkable women have embarked on a journey of self-discovery and self-expression. The connection between DreamGirls and the iconic Barbie reflects the strength and empowerment that come from embracing one’s uniqueness. Dream Boudoir photography goes beyond the surface, diving deep into the core of a person’s soul, and capturing the essence of who they truly are.

As the camera continues to click and the shutter captures timeless moments of grace and femininity, DreamGirls will continue to inspire countless women worldwide to embrace their inner Barbie and embark on a journey of self-love and empowerment. Through Barbie-inspired boudoir and women’s portrait photography, I aim to empower and inspire women throughout Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area to embrace their femininity, cherish their uniqueness, and celebrate their boundless dreams.

Thank you for joining me on this captivating journey, and remember, you are beautiful, powerful, and deserving of all the dreams you hold dear. Until we meet again, stay inspired and continue shining bright!

P.S. More of a darker theme woman? Well, stay tuned for the next feature on this blog 😉

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