Once you have booked your session, you will receive three beautiful e-books to help you prepare and select the right wardrobe for your shoot. But use this article as a supplement to my e-books to pack your suitcase to bring into the studio!

1. Crop Top



You have seen these pretty beauties all over in the mall this summer… but GODDAMN, you dread buying these because what if you can’t pull it off?!


ACTUALLY, these seemingly-skimpy puppies work on every body type if styled right. And they are hot AF for a boudoir photoshoot!


Pair them with high-waisted lace undies or jeans, or leave your bare midriff for my camera — so many ways to (and excuses ;)) to grab these from the rack and bring it over to my Toronto boudoir studio for your sexy photoshoot!



No, ma’am. This is not a drill.


Bring your most comfy sweatshirt over to my studio and let me throw you on my chaise chair set and watch your true, inner beauty COME ALIVE!


My love, I won’t even have to pose you because you will be in your element. You will be surprised that what you thought of as a ratty old sweatshirt you wear on late night weekends when binge-watching Netflix with a tub of ice cream can become a super-hot, super-cute part of the images you will LOVE forever.



When I will take a high-angle shot of you teasingly opening your fly button, HOT DAYUM, GIRL! These plain, blue staples won’t remain plain, blue staples anymore!


With a sexy bra or bralet, these every-day skinnies will really bring out the hottest of you.


White, black, red, mustard, maroon, and olive green bras go really well with a pair of bright or dusty navy blue jeans. Got a pair of sexy ripped jeans? ALL THE BETTER!






That sexy one piece you picked up from the mall but have NOOO IDEA what to do with it can be your best friend for a boudoir photoshoot!


Blacks, reds, pinks, blues, reds, sleeveless, full sleeves, high neck, low-cut, you name it — they come in all the colors and all the styles!


Also great for those of you who are a bit conscious of their muffin top like me, these gorgeous pieces keep everything in place and give you a beautiful, natural shape to show off!


These also make for great butt shots!


Reminds me of Ricky Martin’s Shake Your Bon Bon!




That impulse-purchase on your last vacation where you bought a delicate scarf from a local vendor might be the most beautiful part of your wardrobe.


Paired with your birthday suit, it can really bring character to your images and add the sweetest, softest romantic touch to your forever Designer Album story.

Still not sure what to wear?

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