Not a revealing lingerie girl? NO PROBLEM!

Boudoir can be anything you want it to be. It’s your one true place to be yourself and be captured the way you feel the best in. Sweaters and a cute underwear? PERFECT! Jeans and a bra? What else could a girl want?! Comfy T and sleep shorts? My favourite! Check out some examples of how these women personalized their casual boudoir sessions with me 🙂


Your girl-next-door looks are killer!

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"She made me feel extremely comfortable and relaxed"

"She made me feel extremely comfortable and relaxed"

I had my photos done by Alishba a few months ago and am so happy I did! The whole process was fun and exciting, from getting my hair and make up done to feeling like a model...she made me feel extremely comfortable and relaxed.

I was so pleased with the outcome and absolutely love my album! I would highly recommend Dream Boudoir Photography to anyone thinking about doing a boudoir photo won't regret it!

"The entire experience was top notch from beginning to end."

"The entire experience was top notch from beginning to end."

I booked this session to celebrate a personal milestone. It was everything I could have dreamed of. The entire experience was top notch from beginning to end. I was wonderfully pampered while getting ready.

Alishba is incredibly professional and a true artist. The direction she gave made all my nerves go away. The end results were true works of art! I would highly recommend the Dream Boudoir experience.

"I don’t think it would be possible to get a better experience."

"I don’t think it would be possible to get a better experience."

I don’t think it would be possible to get a better experience. Terri on the phone is a delight throughout the booking process and even after.

Once you get to the studio, Alishba will become your best friend for the day. She is a kind gentle person who would make the most self conscious person comfortable. Maya, the makeup artist, will make you look your best and she is the sweetest to unwind with before your shoot. 10/10 would recommend. 🙂

 "My shoot was perfect, she coached me all the way through"

"My shoot was perfect, she coached me all the way through"

Dream Boudoir is AMAZING. My hair and makeup was fantastic and Alishba is an incredible photographer. I chose her because I really liked her style, but what really sold me was how vocal she was about her feminism.

It made me want to give her business. My shoot was perfect, she coached me all the way through it and the finished product was so beautiful! Highly recommend. Book with her; you won't be disappointed!!

"I still looked like myself (just the best version of me)"

"I still looked like myself (just the best version of me)"

Alishba was absolutely incredible to work with. Very professional, very welcoming, very fun! The space was clean and warm, and I felt zero inhibitions being in my lingerie in front of her or in the space. There is zero body shaming, only positivity - which was very important to me and in making my experience a good one.

She made me feel comfortable and welcome immediately, and our shoot was almost like a couple of old friends taking photos together. And the finished images - WOW! So perfect and incredible, but I still looked like myself (just the best version of me). 5 out of 5 stars, I would highly recommend Dream Boudoir to anyone!

"I was so nervous but Alishba helped me to relax and enjoy every minute of it. "

"I was so nervous but Alishba helped me to relax and enjoy every minute of it. "

My photo shoot experience was amazing! I was so nervous but Alishba helped me to relax and enjoy every minute of it. I loved having my hair and make up done for me. It looked awesome!

I felt like a super model. I worked so hard to lose 20 pounds over the last 10 months and the shoot was my reward to myself. I am so glad I chose Dream Boudoir to do my boudoir shoot.




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Hi, I’m Alishba!

From a go-getter young leader to the beautiful liberated lady in her wiser years  – I believe in celebrating women and capturing beauty in every stage of life. I also love to travel and photograph women wherever I go!
  • I started my photography career by working for the Walt Disney Company.
  • I am a mother, feminist, and political activist.
  • Our luxury commercial boudoir studio is located in the heart of downtown Toronto at 1224 DuPont Street in the artsy Junction area.
  • Preserve your beauty forever in my imported Italian designer albums and gorgeous prints.
  • Learn more about me, my Vancouver and Toronto Boudoir Studios, and take a peek any my own boudoir shoot because I believe in walking the talk!
  • I won the F.J. Westcott Shootout competition at Henry’s Exposure show in 2015.
  • My studio is proudly a distinguished member of the Association of International Boudoir Photographers and a certified member of the Professional Photographers of America.



Toronto boudoir photography experience

What's included

Professional Make Up & Hair

Professional Make Up & Hair

Top-level industry professionals will create the look you want.



Personalized shoot design. You decide who sees your final images.

Same Day Ordering

Same Day Ordering

You will be able to view and order your images the same day.

Wall Art & Album Design

Wall Art & Album Design

Imported Italian-made personalized albums, museum-quality canvases, matted prints, and more.

















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What is a Boudoir Photoshoot?
Boudoir is a genre of photography that features women in a bedroom or private room setting. It’s all about tailoring the experience to the Dreamgirl and whatever she wants from it. It’s not about anyone else but you. We capture the confident and comfortable side of you that you may not always get to see so that you can embrace your body and who you are.
I’ve never done anything like this. What if I’m shy?
Our team has had years of experience coaching women just like you through this thrilling session. We’re here to give you the luxury experience you deserve that is tailored to your needs. By the time we’re through, your photos will look as effortless as if you were lounging about at home. And embrace that excitement — you’re allowed to be bold!
Can I bring my partner?
We also offer couples photography if your special someone is up for the thrill.
Where is the studio located?
Our luxury studio is in Ontario and Vancouver, B.C.
When will I get to see my photos?
The same day! We schedule a cinematic screening to reveal your photos. The anticipation leading up to that moment is exhilarating and we’re quite used to seeing our Dreamgirls moved to tears as they finally see themselves in all their glory.
Will you retouch my acne/wrinkles/cellulite?
Absolutely! But to be honest most women don’t want too much retouching once they see their photos. We light and pose you to bring out beauty and you rarely need airbrushing.
Can you make me look good even if I’m curvy/full-bodied?
You’re gorgeous just as you are! Our mission is to give every type of woman the opportunity to see that within themselves. We specialize in working with women of all shapes and ages. We want to see you!
I don’t look like a model. Do you work with everyday women?
We ONLY work with everyday women. All pictures on this website are showing our real boudoir clients.And guess what? Even models often don’t look like models in real life. They have cellulite, stretch marks and acne like every other human being. Having confidence and believing in yourself is what makes fantastic pictures. The Dream Boudoir sessions are all about feeling empowered, having fun, getting glammed up, dressed up and letting your hair down and forgetting about all insecurities. Treating yourself to new lingerie and beauty treatments before the session is a definite excitement and confidence builder!
I don’t know how to pose. Will you guide me during a session?
Yes! You don’t need to worry about a thing.Alishba has over 10 years of experience in posing women and understanding their needs. So you can be sure that you always will be posed in the most flattering way and under the most flattering lighting. During the session, you will be given very simple and short directions on how to pose such as “bring your chin forward”,”look up at me with your eyes”,”put your left hand on your left thigh”,etc. Alishba will also show you each pose personally and if you allow— she will help you to put a hands in the right position, fix your hair etc.
I’m a plus size woman—should I loose some weight before my shoot?
No – you are beautiful as you are right now. Alishba has a lot of experience working with curvy and plus size women and what we can tell – it DOES NOT matter what your size is when it comes to posing, lighting, and photographing you in the most flattering way possible, in a way that stays true to the authentic sexy that you are. With our unique posing system – Alishba can accentuate your curves and best features or take off some extra pounds and disguise features you might not love, just with her lighting and posing. Posing is an art form and our clients benefit from our years of experience posing all different body shapes! We pose our clients to bring to light their true beauty. Remember—boudoir is for EVERY WOMAN. At this moment, you are as perfect as ever, and as ready as ever, to take a beautiful look at yourself!
What should I wear on my boudoir photo session?
When you book your boudoir experience with Dream Boudoir, you’ll receive wardrobe styling e-books and emails that will give you ideas on where to shop, what to look for and how to dress for your body type! You also receive access to our glam Closet! Some Clients have been known to send us email images of themselves while they’re shopping to see if what they’re looking at will photograph well! Preparing a Pinterest board with outfit ideas that you love is also a great idea. In your Dream Boudoir Experience, there is included 4 outfit changes but you are more than welcome to bring more and we will help you to narrow it down. Some clients are bringing a suitcase full of stuff! No jokes! It’s always good to have options. But don’t worry- You’ll be super prepared by the time your session is here!
Will my photos be on your website? Can my photos be private?
We would LOVE to use the beautiful photographs from our session together to show other women your amazing photos! HOWEVER we take privacy very seriously at our studio. Your photos will NEVER be shared without your explicit permission and a signed Model Release at the studio. We will honour whatever level of privacy you would like. Many clients are so proud of their photographs that they give us full discretion to choose photographs, some clients prefer to choose the photographs that are posted, some clients prefer that only their faceless pictures be put in our portfolio, and other clients are comfortable with anything being posted, as long as it’s after a certain date (for example after they gift the photographs).
Where will my Boudoir session take place?
Toronto area sessions take place in our beautiful, dedicated separate entrance professional photography studio attached to the house. Vancouver sessions take place at a dedicated professional apartment in the heart of downtown. The studio is designed for boudoir and portrait sessions exclusively. Toronto area studio is located in Toronto High Park/Junction Area. Our Vancouver area studio is located between downtown and Burnaby. Other locations for sessions are available upon request and additional fee. In our boudoir photography studio, we have multiple sets with different lighting, backdrops, and props to choose from. Hair and makeup are done in-house right on location.
Will you post my photographs online?
Only if you allow. These photos are for you and your loved ones. We will never share your photos without your expressed permission.
How much does the Dream Boudoir Experience cost?
The Dream Boudoir Experience is a fully customized experience, as well as the prints and products, are handmade, fully designed to your vision. As such, quotes vary. Please click here to schedule a time to speak with us!
I’m not sure if I can afford the photographs
The Dream Boudoir Experience was born out of defiance and we are here to help you feel the best you have ever felt. You should not have to compromise on quality, that’s why we offer payment plans to help you get the most out of this experience. Please schedule a time to speak with us!
What should I bring?
We photograph 3-4 different looks – including nude or topless depending on your level of comfort. We encourage you to bring in any jewelry, accessories, or props that mean something to you or your loved one. We’ve had Dreamgirls in the past bring in everything from guitars to bow & arrows! We also have some beautiful props here, varying from angel wings, dreamy luxury robes, to gorgeous dresses and pearls, which you are, of course, free to choose from.
Do I need to bring my own lingerie or props?
Yes, we don’t provide any underwear. We do however have some beautiful props like robes and fabrics – but it’s always best if props and accessories are personal to you. Props are really effective in telling your story and can help with the posing so bring something that you or your partner enjoy.
Do I have to wear lingerie?
No, you’re more than welcome to go naked if you like! Your photographs will always be subtle and artistic. You’re also welcome to wear anything that shows off your style! Bring your most glamorous evening dress or wedding dress and we will create gorgeous artworks of you with your clothes on!
Do you sell gift cards?
Yes! If someone you care about has been wanting to indulge in an experience like this, you can spoil them with a gift certificate to our studio by calling us at 647-660-8845!
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