Girls with Curves


I can’t begin to tell you how many emails I receive from women who want to see just how sexy they are but they get concerned if they’ll be judged. LADIES, hear me when I say this at my all-female, Toronto boudoir photography studio, curvy and plus size women are MORE THAN WELCOME! In fact, you are so welcome that because of high demand, most of the client wardrobe selection that I have is actually beyond sample sizes of size 2s and 4s. Most often the women that come to me fit sizes 8 – 14. This curvy boudoir photography inspiration page is dedicated to all those women who have walked in my studio to take a huge leap towards self-love and self care, leaving these arbitrary sizing at the doorstep. What I am trying to say is that, to me, it DOES NOT matter what your size is when it comes to posing, lighting, and photographing you in the most flattering way possible, in a way that stays true to the authentic sexy that you are. I have never met a woman who was photographed by me who STILL had insecurities about her body after looking at her pictures! Boudoir is for EVERY WOMAN. It’s for the ones who practically live in gyms AND it’s for those who have other goals in life.

Trust me when I say that right now, in this moment, you are as perfect as ever, and as ready as ever, to take a beautiful look at yourself!

Retouching and Editing Philosophy: I started loving photoshop more than 15 years ago. So am I pro enough to completely change the way you look? Yep. But would I ever do that? NO. NEVER. If you want to keep your stretch marks in the final image, I will keep them there (just like I kept mine in my shoot). If you want to keep your gorgeous, round tush the way it is, NO PROBLEM! I will keep it that way. My promise to you is that I will never photoshop you in a way that doesn’t reflect the real you. You should come to my studio and look at the gorgeous canvas samples I have to take a look at how DELICATELY I retouch skin (I NEVER blur your skin. I retouch your skin the way authentic high-end magazine producers do — I learned my craft very well), flatter your curves, and make sure that the images make you feel like yourself, not someone else. I want you to smile, laugh, walk with confidence, and cry with joy knowing that you rocked your curves!


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