Bridal Boudoir


Instead of the boring and the typical, one thing women come to my studio for is to make a custom & personalized wedding gift for their husbands or partners! When done as a surprise, this will leave them speechless and will give them another reason to fall all over in love with you! Most clients bring their wedding elements with them to incorporate in the shoot, including but not limited to the veil, white bridal lingerie, wedding shoes, wedding jewelry, family heirlooms, his favourite shirt, you name it! If you are not a white lingerie bridal boudoir girl, no problem! These are custom sessions and can be designed to suit your needs and preferences.

This also makes as a lovely anniversary present! My client Tracy came in six months after her wedding to do a custom shoot to give her husband as a surprise Christmas gift! The possibilities are endless!

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Give Your Partner The Best Gift Ever!

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