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A luxury, empowering, body positive experience for women.
Toronto Boudoir Photography by Dream Boudoir Toronto | Female Photographer Alishba | Mature Boudoir 40+ women

The Real Reason Why Boudoir Photography Costs This Much

When you decide to shop for a luxury item, doesn’t matter if it’s a brand new car or a piece of furniture, you always want to make sure that your

Before/After Boudoir Transformation

Professional photoshoot direction and beautiful professional boudoir hair styling and make up on one side, just look at the absolutely glowing confidence a boudoir shoot gives these women! My number
Dream Boudoir Toronto Studio — Romantic bridal boudoir Photography Female Photographer

What is a Boudoir Photoshoot?

Imagine walking onto a shoot for Victoria’s Secret Angels: You come in with your track pants and a jacket on with bare-face and a messy bun. Someone from our female-only
Dream Boudoir Toronto Studio — Romantic bridal boudoir Photography Female Photographer

Bridal Boudoir – The Best Wedding Gift for Your Partner!

When couples are newly-engaged, their first order is to book a wedding and engagement photography session. However, there is a rising trend of “bridal boudoir” photoshoots which has captured brides-to-be

Why professional hair styling and makeup makes a difference for boudoir photography

When planning a boudoir photoshoot, sometimes my clients ask me if they really need to sit in for their professional hair and boudoir photography makeup services that I provide as

Boudoir Photography Can Heal Sexual Trauma

One of the biggest reasons I am such a strong advocate of women taking ownership of their sexuality is my own #MeToo experiences. TW: Sexual assault, trauma I was 9
Toronto Boudoir Photography - Tasteful black & white sexy photoshoot for women by female photographer Alishba

Are sexy photos important for women’s empowerment?

 I posted about my Vancouver Boudoir Photography Marathon on my facebook profile describing how I recently got some heat at a Conference for my unapologetic opinions about women and sexuality.
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