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13 Reasons Why Every Woman Needs a Boudoir Photo shoot

You heard about it, thought about it, and got curious.

You’re thinking am I thin enough? Am I sexy enough? Am I good-looking enough?
Would people think I’m vain? Is it going to be awkward? Am I allowed to do this?

First off, I want you to stop thinking about all the myths and excuses and concentrate on what a boudoir photography session means for you — because you are here, reading for a reason.

This is such an intimate and personal photo shoot that there is no one-size-fits-all. Every shoot is as unique as the woman who wants to do it. So let’s dive in and explore 13 of those many, many reasons!


Birthday Boudoir Sessions in Toronto, Canada Best Birthday Present

You’re blossoming into a new, strong, compassionate, and badass woman with every passing day. Age may just be nothing but a number but that does not discount all the experiences, the good and the bad, that you have seen and been through to shape you into the confidence powerhouse that you are today.

Give yourself this special treat and book a shoot to celebrate your milestone birthday!


Beautiful "Plus" Size Woman posing with fur in her dream boudoir session

Celebrate being comfortable in your own skin. Honor yourself by being able to love every curve, every inch of the “plus” that the society has tagged you with. Celebrate the fact that you owe no one an explanation for being a hot bombshell, and rock it. Dare to wear that crop top with those sexy lace undies and let’s photograph you so you can say eff off to a cookie-cutter view of “beauty standards” the society has.


I was born and raised in Pakistan, a seriously sexually and morally regressive society where it is routine for women to be blamed for violence committed against them, be it acid being thrown in their face for turning down a guy, domestic violence, or even rape. As someone who has a degree in Human Development & Social Relations, I have seen a trend that almost everywhere women are taught to be ashamed of their sexuality and their bodies from a very young age. Where “modesty” is not a choice but an expectation and not fulfilling that expectation will leave a woman open to verbal and sometimes even physical abuse and attack. But does that mean we do not have the DESIRE to be sexy? To explore our sexuality?
Of course, we do!

So do this boudoir shoot because you want to let your hair feel the breeze. Do this shoot because you like the way the sun feels on your legs or knowing that only you can decide who sees your sensual photos. It’s time to break out of the constant feeling like your own skin is your biggest burden.

Do this to empower the feminist that’s inside you.



Best birthday present for women over 40s, 50s, 60s

Girl, I get it! I have a two-year-old and I don’t even remember who I was during that very hard first year. Between breastfeeding, bathing the baby, changing diapers, preparing to cleanup-after the baby, after each new milestones discovery, AND finally returning to work, moms don’t only get mentally exhausted but also struggle with the issues of self-doubt sometimes to the point when you end up having a hard time recognizing yourself in the mirror. I know hard it is to see the stretch marks, changed breasts, and still feel that you are desirable, sexy, and beautiful. Especially those of you who have raised or are raising multiple children, hats-off to you!

But it is also important to take out the time for yourself and get out of the rut. Give yourself a day where you will be pampered, glammed, and the center of all attention will be you. AND you will have photographs you will be in love with to remind you of the fact that you still got it all girl, you still got it all!


We have a very long way to go before research into women’s health is completed. But, in the meantime, it does not mean that we stop acknowledging that there are warrior women amongst us. That there are women who have overcome so much more than some of us cannot even imagine going through. And, honestly, it does not even need to be just a physical illness. There are also mental health issues like depression, bipolar disorder, and so on that are also challenging and a daily struggle and fight.

Soon I will be putting up a video of a lovely woman who came to my studio to document her journey of self-love after bipolar medication made her go up a few sizes. She was in tears because during the photo shoot she realized how happy she is that she came in did this because now she has finally started accepting and loving herself regardless of an arbitrary mark of a dress size.

My studio is a safe space and you are in charge of your photoshoot. Do this to remind yourself of your triumphs. That you are a survivor. That you are doing all that you can to live a healthy life. Do this for nothing but to keep your memories to look back on when you need inspiration for strength when life gets tough.


Posing for an Anonymous Boudoir Portrait

Married, getting married, anniversary, their birthday, or simply spicing things up — gifting him/her/them your beautiful, tasteful, and sexy intimate pictures in an Italian-made luxury album presented in a glass box is the ultimate thing to do. There is literally no other gift like a boudoir photoshoot which SCREAMS “personalized.” And from personal experience, I know that you will definitely be appreciated for the thought put into it 😉

So use this excuse and do it for you — and them!


Hectic day job or a 24/7 entrepreneur roster — I hear you! Churning out the results expected of you and having to be dressed all-day, every day in a uniform; be it a nurse’s pair of slacks or the CEO combo from Saks — you feel like you are not flaunting your sexy enough and feeling a bit overworked. Then THIS DAY is for you.

Whether you are a high maintenance boss lady with pre-booked manicure appointments for the whole year or the only time you go to a salon is for your yearly haircut, a boudoir shoot will remind you that care needs to be about you and yourself before you go out there and give your whole to the rest of the world. Your photo shoot is an art process where you can strip down to just eye-liner for makeup or get glammed up like Beyoncé.

This is a time that is JUST FOR YOU. No need to have the constant pressure to perform for the world. Just seeing yourself the way you want to be seen — this is why you need the boudoir experience.


Woman laying on the floor in Black lace lingerie around lights

You felt like you needed to make some changes in your lifestyle to fulfill your personal goals and that included watching what you eat and living at the gym (practically). But now you have all those abs and nowhere to go? WRONG! You have my all-female Toronto boudoir studio to go to so we can record how goddamn proud you are for doing what was necessary for your own growth and happiness. And that you really have kicked ass and become this new person! Congratulations, girl!


Bachelorette party or it just has been too long since you all did something fun together — that was also Instagram-worthy! How about we design a boudoir party for you and your besties and make a whole day of glam and beauty out of it? Urgh, it will be ridiculously AMAZING! I’m getting excited just thinking about all the manicure parties of pre-planning and a super-fun supermodel photoshoot experience! Let’s get creative, my ladies!


TW: Trauma, sexual abuse
A ridiculously big number of women, including myself, have experienced some form of sexual abuse, be it verbal harassment or physical trauma of sexual assault. I know what it does to a woman and her sexuality. I know and I understand how hard it becomes to constantly fight through it all: the catcalls, the unintentional triggers, the memories that you just can’t seem to run away from. But healing has to begin somewhere if we are to stop letting the abuser feel powerful. Because sexual assault and harassment are first and foremost about power.

I learned it early on that I have to take charge of my own sexuality and not let them decide and tarnish all my experiences and my opinion of myself. Where medical and legal aids are there to help you heal, do not discount this experience of being in an all-female, SAFE SPACE of my studio where you can feel okay about bringing your sexy out and feel pride, joy, and a step in the right direction towards healing when you hold your beautiful and sexually charged, tasteful images in your hands to remind you that there is help out there. There are people who believe you. And that you are bigger and more powerful despite the trauma, despite the challenges.
I would be so honored to be a part of your healing because, girl, #MeToo.


Christmas and Valentine's Day Dream Boudoir

We’ve already talked about how a luxury boudoir album is literally the best gift ever you can give to your partner but let’s dive a little deeper into a themed boudoir shoot!
The sexy reds of Christmas make it the best surprise under the tree (it’s recommended that you give this gift a little bit more privately if you have children at home or find that your mom is visiting for the holidays ;)). The same reds are the biggest staple for Valentine’s day!

Every year, for these two occasions, I do a special set design that is dedicated to having women like you come in to experience a festive celebration of love and light! These sessions get booked up months in advance so make sure you book your spot WELL before Christmas and Valentine’s Day. 



“We need to talk.” We have all been there. No matter the “label,” divorce, intense breakups, betrayal, it all sucks. But this is EXACTLY the reason you gotta get up and put all of your sexy on that whole-lotta woman. Because, girl, once you prove it to yourself that it’s YOUR TIME to shine, that sexy thang at the bar will also see that in you 😉 Or do this boudoir photo shoot to update your Tinder profile!



Beautiful Confident Women in a Long Red Dress Posing for Dream Boudoir Shoot

Maybe this year didn’t go as well as you planned it. Or some things fell in place while others didn’t. Maybe you had an epiphany to change direction.
Whatever it is, doing an intimate and tasteful boudoir photo shoot is bound to make you feel great about yourself and push you to set your eyes on the new beginnings; — it’s time to empower yourself to celebrate the sexy, confident, strong, marvelous, brilliant, fierce, and beautiful woman that you are.

Let’s celebrate your new beginnings together, my girl!


Toronto Boudoir Photography by Dream Boudoir Toronto | Female Photographer Alishba | Bridal Boudoir

Women need to stop asking for permission to feel sexy

“This sounds awesome! Just let me talk to my husband about this.”

“Wow! I really want to do a boudoir photoshoot! Just let me see if my work will allow me to take a day off.”

“Oh, I LOVE this! Just let me get back to you after I have prioritized a few things.”

Woman, what the hell?
  • You DO NOT need your husband/boyfriend or anyone else’s permission to feel sexy, empowered, and fulfilled. You only need to GIVE YOURSELF THE PERMISSION to feel full. To feel beautiful. To do something for yourself. My Toronto boudoir photography studio is an all-female, safe, body positive and sex positive space. There is nothing you need to be afraid of when you come in for your magazine-style boudoir photography session in my studio. If you still feel like you need your partner’s permission? Use this an excuse not to wiggle out of the shoot but to actually DO IT and then gift these saucy photos of yourself in an album to them!


  •  Are you going to tell me that you have NEVER taken a personal day from work or made a “sick day” excuse to do something that needs done? If you have never taken a personal day, YOU ARE SO DUE FOR ONE! And if you have made up an excuse to get out of work, why would you not do it again to come in for a day that’s dedicated to celebrating YOU and is entirely focused on you? Boudoir photography is all about you and you can rest assured that this experience in my Toronto boudoir photography studio is the best experience you will ever have.


  • So you’re saying that the wellbeing of your own self is not a priority for you? We need to change that. We need this fixed. Because you cannot give to others what you refuse to have for yourself: A little investment to love yourself and to document exactly where you are in your life will go a long, long way into how you see other things and other people in your life. I will be there along with my all-female team to guide you and create the best boudoir photoshoot ever!

Honestly, I am so tired of women making these excuses and feeling guilty. You are not splurging on an overpriced handbag that has a lifespan of maybe a couple of years. You are giving yourself the GIFT of pictures of yourself for how you want to remember yourself and be remembered.

Photos are a forever gift and that’s why I treat your photoshoot no less than a wedding day photoshoot.

This is an event, a CELEBRATION of your life.
And you are ALLOWED to be a part of your own celebration.

let's plan your perfect photoshoot day

Toronto Boudoir Photography by Female Photographer Alishba — 40th Birthday photoshoot idea

40th Birthday Celebration of a Strong Woman



Single Mom & IT Consultant | ★★★★★ / More Testimonials

"My 20s were about my career, my 30s were about my kids, and my 40s are going to be about me."

This beautiful woman came to my Toronto Boudoir Studio all the way from Vancouver, BC to do her Boudoir photoshoot. Among other things, she wanted to mark her 40th Birthday, a milestone birthday, which she has dedicated towards self-love and self-care. I would like you to read the following or watch the video where she tells her story in her own words. I would like to warn you that her story contains elements of a traumatized childhood brought on by sexual abuse, arranged marriage, and forced cultural conservatism. I hope you will find it in your heart to watch this story and fine hope and inspiration from how Nasra beat all odds and became this strong, independent, successful woman.

“My name is Nasra and I’m 40 years old.

I’m a single mom of two kids and I live in Vancouver, BC. I’m an IT consultant.

I’ve been very bitter about my upbringing and my marriage. Stories that I was told growing up about what it means to be a woman.

The first thing was that I would be protected by the men in my life. Primarily things like hijab, I was forced to wear hijab when I was 13. And I was definitely raised to be a modest Muslim Pakistani girl.

All of that was irrelevant because I was molested by 8 different people growing up.

From the time I was 4 till I was 16. And all of these people were the people that I knew. Some of them family members. One of them went to prison for a couple of years for what he did. And so, to me, you know, that protection was never there.

I was groomed to be a housewife.

I was not allowed to go away for university. I could only attend university if I paid for it myself, which was hard because I was not allowed to work. And I could only do it if it didn’t get in the way of me getting married.

So halfway through my degree, which I ended up going to my local university, even though I had opportunities to attend great universities like U of T, I got married to a man who had an engineering degree from the US. And he ticked all the boxes that he would make a great provider. And 17 years into the marriage, he never had an engineering job. For the first 10 years he didn’t work at all or had odd jobs. During that time, my career took off and the more I got promoted, the more he felt insecure about himself and the more insecure he felt, the more he put me down. So those last few years the gap had become so huge that it became unbearable.

Two years ago I decided to buy my own house and move out with my kids. And ever since I’ve done that, my life has improved by leaps and bounds.

And right now I feel free, I feel empowered, I feel like I’ve never felt better.

So this photoshoot was definitely a culmination of all those feelings.

When I first saw the proofs right after our session I was very critical of myself, like I always am, Like, you know, I wish I had lost a few more pounds before I had the shoot. I was very critical. But now, after, you know, a couple of weeks has passed looking at the photos now I’m like, “I look pretty good!” Being really analytical after I became single again I was like I need to look really good if I wanna have a chance finding love again. I had this really high bar that I had set for myself.

Looking at those photos I think I feel like I’ve met my bar.

I’ve lost 50 pounds over the last 5 years. I’ve been really into health and exercise and that shows in those photos.

I feel triumphant.

When I was young, I had no idea that I had a great body. Now that I have dated a few men, they’ve all told me that, “you have great legs!” How come I didn’t know I had great legs when I was young? When I could’ve, you know — it took away  so much of my power. And you may think like, “you’re only validated when a man thinks you’re hot?”

Well, no.

(Sexual confidence) gives you confidence in all areas.

When you are young, that sexual power is very powerful. And to be stripped of that — That’s what patriarchy’s goal is, to strip women from that power from a very young age. So, yes, I’m bitter that I was not able to choose when I could have when I was younger.

I’m very hesitant to spend money on myself.

And for the last few months I have been telling myself that hey that I’ve met all my financial goals. I had a 20 year plan. You know, I have a house, I have a healthy RRSP fund, I have RESPs for my kids, I basically bought a house for my ex so that my kids have a nice place in the same neighbourhood to go to when they are with their dad.

So I checked off all those goals.

And now, it’s time for me.

So, my 20s were about my career, my 30s were about my kids, and my 40s are gonna be about me.”

What's your story?


Toronto Boudoir Photography Casual Sweater Lifestyle Boudoir Photography

5 Most Underrated Boudoir Wardrobe Ideas

Once you have booked your session, you will receive three beautiful e-books to help you prepare and select the right wardrobe for your shoot. But use this article as a supplement to my e-books to pack your suitcase to bring into the studio!

1. Crop Top



You have seen these pretty beauties all over in the mall this summer… but GODDAMN, you dread buying these because what if you can’t pull it off?!


ACTUALLY, these seemingly-skimpy puppies work on every body type if styled right. And they are hot AF for a boudoir photoshoot!


Pair them with high-waisted lace undies or jeans, or leave your bare midriff for my camera — so many ways to (and excuses ;)) to grab these from the rack and bring it over to my Toronto boudoir studio for your sexy photoshoot!



No, ma’am. This is not a drill.


Bring your most comfy sweatshirt over to my studio and let me throw you on my chaise chair set and watch your true, inner beauty COME ALIVE!


My love, I won’t even have to pose you because you will be in your element. You will be surprised that what you thought of as a ratty old sweatshirt you wear on late night weekends when binge-watching Netflix with a tub of ice cream can become a super-hot, super-cute part of the images you will LOVE forever.



When I will take a high-angle shot of you teasingly opening your fly button, HOT DAYUM, GIRL! These plain, blue staples won’t remain plain, blue staples anymore!


With a sexy bra or bralet, these every-day skinnies will really bring out the hottest of you.


White, black, red, mustard, maroon, and olive green bras go really well with a pair of bright or dusty navy blue jeans. Got a pair of sexy ripped jeans? ALL THE BETTER!






That sexy one piece you picked up from the mall but have NOOO IDEA what to do with it can be your best friend for a boudoir photoshoot!


Blacks, reds, pinks, blues, reds, sleeveless, full sleeves, high neck, low-cut, you name it — they come in all the colors and all the styles!


Also great for those of you who are a bit conscious of their muffin top like me, these gorgeous pieces keep everything in place and give you a beautiful, natural shape to show off!


These also make for great butt shots!


Reminds me of Ricky Martin’s Shake Your Bon Bon!




That impulse-purchase on your last vacation where you bought a delicate scarf from a local vendor might be the most beautiful part of your wardrobe.


Paired with your birthday suit, it can really bring character to your images and add the sweetest, softest romantic touch to your forever Designer Album story.

Still not sure what to wear?

Let's talk and I will guide you!

Toronto Boudoir Photography Casual Jeans Lifestyle Boudoir Photography

Who would want these images of me?

Haven’t got anyone who you could give these images to to show what a fabulous woman they have in their lives?

Okay, then how about doing this photoshoot to REMIND YOURSELF about what a FABULOUS woman you are?

Do this photoshoot so you feel EMPOWERED.

Do this photoshoot so you START LOVING YOURSELF AGAIN.

Do this photoshoot so you can HAVE CONTROL OVER HOW YOU SEE YOURSELF.

I suffer from the photographer’s curse because, dear lord, I hardly ever like the pictures I see of myself from the phone cameras often taken by friends and family who love me. But I don’t let it trick me into thinking that I look bad.

Because I know that my social media images are not going in my LEGACY ALBUM or on the walls of my home and that my friends and family can’t possibly know the difference between the wrong angle and the right angle; the right light and the wrong light, the right distance and the wrong zoom… they aren’t paying attention to my hair flying in all directions or the food stuck between my teeth. They don’t know how to focus the lens on the right part of my features…

But YOU don’t have that problem!

You know why?

Because you have me! Your expert, professional photographer as well as my styling team!

Don’t let these constant phone-tapped pictures take over your life. Let me show you what you really look like, you gorgeous woman!


Take a leap of faith.

And I will be here, on the other side, to catch you and make you feel as wonderful as you deserve to feel by giving you the most beautiful picture you have ever seen of yourself.

Got Questions?

Let's talk, hot stuff!

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